Go with Tourism Expo a hit with the students

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Go with Tourism
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Students take part in the Haka Experience

‘Day One’ of the Go with Tourism Expo, in partnership with the NZ Careers Expo, has already proven to be a fantastic hit with event attendees.

“It’s too early for an official count,” says Matt Stenton, Programme Director of Go with Tourism. “However, from what we have seen so far it certainly feels like the number of visitors we’ve had is more than we expected.”

As well as students from Auckland secondary schools, event attendees have included individuals who have recently been made redundant because of COVID-19, migrant workers who were hoping to find some opportunities and new direction, and tertiary students who were seeing what is available after they graduate and using the Expo to make connections.

Madison Recruitment were based on the Go with Tourism Expo site to assist jobseekers with CV advice and tips on how to get work ready in the current climate.

The first day of the Expo season has set the positive tone event organisers were hoping to see, particularly towards tourism careers.

“Everyone we’ve spoken to today are certain tourism will bounce back,” says Stenton. “There has been a lot of positive attitudes towards tourism as a future career and today has given attendees a fantastic taste of how much fun the industry can be.”

Strategies to engage with audiences appeared to have won over the mostly youthful crowds, with interactive activities available such as a “Making the Bed” competition, AJ Hackett jumpsuit competition, and a Kahoot! Quiz.

The Go with Tourism Expo in Auckland will continue for two more days, ending Saturday 8 August. Friday is expected to see mostly schools again, and attendees on Saturday is presumed to be made up of parents coming along with their children and adults who are seeking new jobs or are considering a career change.

Next in line to host the careers expos are Hamilton (23-24 August), Wellington (4-5 September) and Christchurch (10-12 September)


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