From Apprentice to Senior Chef de Partie

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Oriwia's Success Story

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From Apprentice to Senior Chef de Partie

If you love food, working with your hands and being creative then this industry is for you.

What led you to be in the tourism industry?

I've always been in the kitchen, whether it was at home with mum, at the marae with all the aunties and nans – it's like coming home. I did a 3-year apprenticeship with ServiceIQ through Hipgroup and have loved it ever since. 

What is your favourite thing about your job and the tourism industry?

My favourite thing about my job is meeting new people from all parts of the world and sharing our love and passion about kai. Learning about each others favourite and traditional dishes is amazing because it opens your eyes to new flavours and cooking techniques.

Share one of your best experiences or places you got to visit thanks to your tourism job.

I think working at Amano has been my favourite because I got to experience it from when it was a small takeaway bakery to the exciting restaurant it is today. I've been here since it opened and it has taught me so much and I know that there is more to come.

What is your advice to someone considering tourism?

My advice to anyone thinking about joining the industry is to just give it a try. There is always something new to learn and different styles of food to discover, so if that fits you then come join the team.