From Entry Level to Ecozip Expert

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From Entry Level to Ecozip Expert

I probably have the most entertaining job on the planet, but it’s also very fulfilling.

What led you to be in the tourism industry?

I feel as though the tourism industry is the perfect fit for me. I am a loud, talkative and friendly person so talking to people from all over to educate them about New Zealand's nature and wildlife is ideal.

What is your favourite thing about your job and the tourism industry?

The variety I have in this role at Ecozip is great: one day I'll be showing off the entire island where I have grown up; the next day I'll be assisting in maintenance and learning about the equipment more in depth; and then on other days tour guiding and taking tourists down into the forest. 

Share one of your best experiences or places you got to visit thanks to your tourism job.

Too hard to choose! Every experience is a chance to show that you are worthy and willing to take on new roles and new responsibilities, with that in mind the only way is up.   

What is your advice to someone considering tourism?

My advice is that there is no clear pathway in tourism, in a good way, you create your own path! Don't be afraid to step forward and take charge.